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AAA Auto Insurance Review: Should you join the club?

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AAA car insuranceIn Our Opinion:AAA is a household name in the travel and insurance industries, but is membership worth it to access AAA auto insurance? We think the coverage included for free in the...

AAA car insurance

In Our Opinion:

AAA is a household name in the travel and insurance industries, but is membership worth it to access AAA auto insurance? We think the coverage included for free in the membership, as well as member discounts, make AAA a strong choice for shoppers.

Industry Standing








Customer Service


Online Experience



Membership discounts

Lifetime guarantee on repairs at AAA Direct Repair Shops

Roadside assistance included in membership

Reputation for customer service

Local expertise based on your region


AAA membership required (including membership fees)

No rideshare coverage

Confusion about who provides insurance

Coverage and details vary across regions


Compare Quotes

According to AAA (American Automobile Association), there are currently 58 million AAA members throughout the U.S. and Canada. The company has built a name for itself in roadside assistance and insurance over the course of over 100 years. But is AAA auto insurance worth becoming a member?

We researched the best auto insurance companies and rated them based on factors like affordability, online experience, and more. We looked at ratings and customer reviews, then went through the process of obtaining a quote to give you an unbiased look at AAA car insurance.

Keep reading to learn more about AAA car insurance, or fill out the form below to get quotes from providers in your area.

AAA Car Insurance Coverage Options

How Much Does AAA Auto Insurance Cost?

Get Exclusive Member Discounts

Triple Check Helps You Save Even More Money

AAA Claims Process & Customer Service

AAA Auto Insurance Reviews

Conclusion: Best Membership Perks

AAA Car Insurance Coverage Options

AAA offers a number of perks to members, but this barrier to entry may deter potential customers from purchasing AAA auto insurance. To become a AAA member, you must pay a membership fee of $50–$100 or more per year, depending on the tier you choose. However, if you’re willing to pay for membership, then you can take advantage of insurance benefits and discounts.

Take a look at the types of car insurance policies available through AAA. Keep in mind coverage options could vary based on your AAA region.

Liability Insurance: For accidents you cause that damage another driver’s vehicle or property or cause bodily harm.

Collision Coverage: For damage to your vehicle in an accident.

Comprehensive Coverage: For damage caused by weather, theft, vandalism, and other non-collision related incidents.

Loan/Lease Gap Coverage: Covers the remaining balance of your loan if your vehicle is totaled.

Pet Protection Coverage: For injury or death of a pet caused by an accident in your vehicle.

Personal Injury Protection: For medical expenses and lost wages as a result of an accident, regardless of who is at fault.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist: Covers outstanding costs if the third-party lacks enough auto insurance or if the damage is caused by a hit-and-run driver.

Medical Payments: For medical bills or funeral expenses as a result of an accident, regardless of who is at fault.

Custom, Electronic, and Extra Equipment Coverage: For specialized parts or parts not installed by the manufacturer.

Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Insurance: For damage to your vehicle and injury caused by a motorist with no auto insurance or poor insurance coverage.

Car Rental Coverage: Covers your rental vehicle up to a certain limit. However, regular AAA membership comes with rental car discounts from partner companies.

Rental Reimbursement: Covers rental car costs if your vehicle is in the shop for covered claims.

But what about roadside assistance? One of the advantages of AAA membership is roadside assistance (towing, key lockout service, fuel delivery, and other standard services) is included with your membership. Be aware, though, your available roadside services are dictated by your membership tier: AAA Basic, AAA Plus, or AAA Premiere. When you purchase a higher tier, you are allowed more roadside services per year.

Pet and custom equipment coverage are nice additions to the standard suite of AAA car insurance policies, but we took off points for the lack of rideshare insurance policies.

How Much Does AAA Auto Insurance Cost?

Three of AAA’s insurance providers are Automobile Club Group, Auto Club of Southern California Insurance Group, and CSAA Insurance Group. According to AAA auto insurance reviews, the companies’ insurance prices are average or better in comparison to other popular insurance companies.

The cost of your insurance policy will differ based on the information you provi

de, such as your age, gender, vehicle mode, and driving record.

If you’re concerned about additional membership fees, remember some types of coverage, such as roadside assistance, are already covered under membership. So, you don’t have to pay for add-on coverage as you might with other insurance companies.

Fortunately, you don’t have to become a member to get a free, direct quote from the website’s quote engine. We felt the quote process can be difficult and time consuming if you don’t already have a user account.

If you’re adding a teen driver to your policy, ask AAA about discounts for good students and safe driving.

Get Exclusive Member Discounts

AAA members have access to several discounts, such as:

Discounts for good students and safe drivers

Pay-in-Full discount for paying premium in full and on time

Multiple product discounts for home or life insurance bundles

Discounts for households with AAA auto insurance for two or more vehicles

Education and occupational discounts based on where you work or go to school

Comprehensive coverage discount for authorized theft prevention and recovery devices

For safe driving discounts, you can use the AAADrive


tool in the mobile app. This tool allows you to track your speed, level of distraction, level of fatigue, and other risk factors through your phone. The safer you drive, the more you’ll save.

In our research, we did see some differences in discounts across regions. Check with your nearest AAA location or call for more information.

Triple Check Helps You Save Even More Money

If you want more information on your coverage and the most savings possible, we recommend AAA Triple Check. A representative is available to go over current or potential insurance coverage to help you better understand your policy, even if it’s with a different company. They’ll also work with you to ensure you get all of the appropriate discounts.

AAA Claims Process & Customer Service

AAA Accident Assist makes filing a claim easy. Either fill out a claim online or call the AAA Accident Assist hotline. If you were in an accident, Accident Assist will dispatch roadside assistance to tow your vehicle and initiate your claim right away.

AAA customers can schedule repairs at their local mechanic or use a AAA Direct Repair Shop. We like how you don’t have to wait for a claims adjuster when you schedule repairs at a AAA Direct Repair Shop. AAA will also guarantee your vehicle’s repairs for the life of the vehicle, taking the guesswork out of common repairs. You can search for one of these facilities online through the AAA website.

The Direct Repair Shop Program takes away a lot of the hassle and stress of getting repairs. The standards for these shops are high, which means vehicles are repaired by rigorously trained mechanics.

One of the elements of AAA customer service we dislike is the inconsistency from region to region. Some regional AAA websites, for example, allow you to manage claims online or get faster quotes, while other regional sites don’t offer the same options. Though this may not affect individual customers, it is a downside for the company as a whole.

AAA Auto Insurance Reviews

It can be difficult to judge AAA car insurance reviews online, because different regional branches may use different providers and services. This can also cause some confusion with customers who believe their insurance comes directly from AAA.

While we think AAA’s regional knowledge is one of its core strengths, this can also make it difficult for shoppers who want to get a more general idea of AAA auto insurance.

We looked at BBB ratings for some of AAA insurers and auto clubs, and here’s what we found:

CSAA Insurance Group: A-

The Automobile Club Group: A+ (accredited)

AAA Auto Club South: A+

AAA Automobile Club of Southern California: A+

AAA East Central Automobile Club: A+

These high BBB ratings are an indicator of responsiveness and transparency. But, the number of complaints for these clubs varies quite a bit, and so do the complaints themselves. We noticed issues ranging from slow claims service to issues with policy cancellations.

Conclusion: Best Membership Perks

AAA auto insurance is a good value for those willing to purchase a membership, and we believe member discounts and other membership protections positively outweigh the cost of AAA membership. We also rate AAA highly in regional expertise for its customer service from local agents.

As for the negative impact, AAA customers should be aware that their insurance policies are managed by the regional insurance company, not the AAA itself. It may also be difficult for customers to find policy information or enter free quote information because the AAA website has some restrictions.