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Delta Auto Protect extended car warranty review (2021)

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Delta Auto Protect warranty reviewIn Our Opinion:Delta Auto Protect does not seem to be taking on new customers, so you’ll need to look elsewhere for coverage.Industry Standing:Coverage:Affordability:...

Delta Auto Protect warranty review

In Our Opinion:

Delta Auto Protect does not seem to be taking on new customers, so you’ll need to look elsewhere for coverage.

Industry Standing:



Customer Service:


Long coverage terms

Can cover older vehicles


Does not appear to be taking on new customers

Many customers report a slow and frustrating claims process

Not available in Alabama, California, Florida, Missouri, Texas, and Washington


At one time, Delta Auto Protect’s unique price-match guarantee helped it stand out among extended warranty providers. However, the company appears to have stopped selling vehicle service contracts.

In this article, we break down Delta Auto Protect’s previous coverage offerings, customer reviews, costs, and more. Read on to find out more about the company and find coverage alternatives from the industry’s best extended car warranty providers. You can start comparing free, personalized quotes from top warranty companies by clicking below.

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Delta Auto Protect Extended Warranty: What You Need to Know

Delta Auto Protect Extended Warranty Coverage


Added Benefits

Delta Auto Protect Extended Warranty Cost

Delta Auto Protect Reviews

How Do Delta Auto Protect Warranties Work

Final Thoughts: Delta Auto Protect

Our Top Picks for Extended Warranty Coverage

Endurance: 5.0 Stars

CARCHEX: 5.0 Stars

Delta Auto Protect Extended Warranty: What You Need to Know

A subsidiary of Omega Vehicle Services, LLC, Delta Auto Protect has administered extended warranties since 2013. According to the company, Delta Auto Protect vehicle service contracts are available in 44 U.S. states, excluding Alabama, California, Florida, Missouri, Texas, and Washington. However, the provider’s website indicates it is not currently taking on new customers.

Delta Auto Protect Extended Warranty Coverage

Delta Auto Protect does not provide any information about coverage details on its website. Current customers are able to access a customer portal, but the company does not seem to be selling any new contracts at this time.

When we attempted to contact Delta Auto Protect through the phone number listed on its website, we were put on hold and eventually disconnected. This happened repeatedly after many attempts to contact the company over the course of multiple weeks.

We were able to uncover information about Delta Auto Protect plans from previous customers. We found vehicle service contracts were available for vehicles up to 20 model years old with as many as 140,000 miles on the odometer. Coverage lengths varied, with the longest available term lasting up to eight years.

Delta Auto Protect had three plans available: Diamond, Diamond Plus, and Diamond Premier. Each plan promised to pay for parts and labor to repair covered components after a mechanical breakdown. An overview of covered components for each plan is outlined in the chart below:


Diamond Plus

Diamond Premier



Drive Axle???

Brake System???



Four-Wheel Drive/All-Wheel Drive???


Anti-Lock Brake System?



Seals and Gaskets?

High-Tech Electronics?

Air Conditioning?

Fuel System?

The chart above is not a complete listing of all covered parts. If you’re able to get in contact with Delta Auto Protect and wish to purchase coverage from the provider, be sure to carefully review contract details before signing on the dotted line. This is a good practice no matter which extended car warranty provider you choose.


Delta Auto Protect contracts did not include coverage for components damaged due to improper maintenance, neglect, or an accident. Wear-and-tear items such as brake pads, wiper blades, and shock absorbers were also excluded from coverage.

Added Benefits

In addition to the component coverage mentioned above, Delta Auto Protect warranty plans also included the following benefits:

24-hour roadside assistance

Towing reimbursement up to $120 per occurrence

Jump-start reimbursement up to $40 per occurrence

Fuel delivery reimbursement up to $40 per occurrence

Lockout service reimbursement up to $30 per occurrence

Rental car reimbursement of $65 per day for up to $260 per repair

Delta Auto Protect Extended Warranty Cost

Although we were not able to get a quote from Delta Auto Protect, we were able to find several customer reviews in which drivers noted what they paid for coverage. One customer reported paying $1,380 for eight years or 125,000 miles of coverage. Others paid between $1,800 and $2,500 for contracts. These prices ar

e within industry averages.

According to customers, Delta Auto Protect offered 24-month payment plans. It also offered a price-match guarantee in which it promised to match the price of any competitor’s plan as long as coverage was comparable. This guarantee is unique for the industry.

Delta Auto Protect Reviews

Delta Auto Protect does not have a good online review profile. The company has an F rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The BBB has also posted the following alert regarding Delta Auto Protect:

It has come to BBB’s attention that the business is requesting that customer(s) withdraw complaints filed through BBB as a condition of resolving the complaints. BBB does not withdraw complaints under these circumstances.

There have been over 1,000 complaints filed against Delta Auto Protect through the BBB website in the past three years. This is a high number of complaints relative to other extended warranty providers.

Most customer complaints mentioned filing Delta Auto Protect claims. Even customers whose claims were ultimately approved were upset with the drawn-out process. One customer reported that the company did not send an appraiser to check his vehicle for two months after he filed a claim. An appraiser was only dispatched after the customer’s attorney sent a letter threatening legal action.

Other customer reviews noted that the company did not answer phone calls when drivers tried to file claims or request a refund for canceled contracts.

How Do Delta Auto Protect Warranties Work

Drivers who have purchased a Delta Auto Protect extended warranty must be sure to maintain their vehicles in accordance with factory-recommended maintenance schedules. This will ensure your warranty coverage stays valid.

If you experience a mechanical breakdown, take your vehicle to a dealership or any repair shop certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE


). Provide your policy information to your mechanic and have them contact Delta Auto Protect.

If the breakdown is covered, Delta Auto Protect will pay the repair facility directly after your claim is approved. Be aware that the provider may send its own appraiser to inspect the vehicle before authorizing a claim.

Previously, all Delta Auto Protect contracts could be transferred to a subsequent owner if you sold your vehicle. Contracts could also be canceled within 30 days for a full refund. However, you’ll need to check with the provider to see if these policies are still in place.

Final Thoughts: Delta Auto Protect

If you’re interested in purchasing a contract from Delta Auto Protect, you may be out of luck at this time. The company is not currently taking calls regarding coverage details or quotes.

Even if you were able to get a quote from Delta Auto Protect, we’d be wary of signing a contract. The company’s price-match guarantee may make its extended warranty contracts appealing, but customer reviews indicate a very poor claims process. Even customers whose claims were approved had to wait an unusually long time for repair authorization.

Our Top Picks for Extended Warranty Coverage

Delta Auto Protect may have offered poor customer service, but this is not the case with every extended car warranty provider. Two providers that we rate highly in terms of customer experience are Endurance and CARCHEX.

Endurance: 5.0 Stars

Endurance has a BBB rating of A+, which indicates strong business practices. Many customers seem pleased with the company’s service, as Endurance warranty reviews on Trustpilot are high. The company has a Trustpilot score of 4.1 out of 5.0 stars based on over 2,000 customer reviews.

In addition to its strong customer service reputation, one of the reasons that we rate Endurance so highly is that its plans come with some of the industry’s most extensive benefits. These include standard perks like rental car reimbursement, roadside assistance, and trip interruption coverage, as well as a one-year Endurance Elite Membership, which gives drivers benefits such as:

$250 entertainment voucher

Key fob and tire replacements

Identity theft recovery services

Member discounts at select retailers

Access to a personal concierge service

You can reach out for a free, personalized Endurance quote by clicking below.

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Industry veteran that handles your plan directly, from quote to claim

CARCHEX: 5.0 Stars

CARCHEX is the only other provider that we rate a perfect 5.0 out of 5.0 stars. CARCHEX offers superior customer service and has a strong customer review profile. It is accredited by the BBB, where it holds an A+ rating, and its Trustpilot score is 3.3 out of 5.0 based on over 1,400 reviews.

The provider offers five comprehensive coverage plans to choose from, and each contract includes benefits like roadside assistance, trip interruption coverage, and rental car reimbursement.

To see how much a CARCHEX warranty would cost for your vehicle, click below.

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