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CarShield review: cost, coverage, and customer experience (2021)

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CarShield extended warranty review p>In Our Opinion:In its 16 years of business, CarShield has covered over 1 million vehicles and our administrators have paid out over $1 billion in claims. What m...

CarShield extended warranty review p>

In Our Opinion:

In its 16 years of business, CarShield has covered over 1 million vehicles and our administrators have paid out over $1 billion in claims. What makes CarShield such a popular provider? We think it's because of the company's below-average prices and flexible month-to-month plans.

Industry Standing



Customer Service


Six plans available, including those for high-tech features and speciality ATVs

Long-term and month-to-month coverage options

Covers some vehicles up to 200,000 miles


Low rating and warning of complains from the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Not all contracts transferable

Rental car reimbursement not always included


Most Affordable

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CarShield has remained one of the country’s most popular independent warranty providers by offering drivers month-to-month contracts, flexible plans, and a range of deductibles. In our review of the best extended auto warranty companies, we awarded the company with the title “Most Affordable,” but do CarShield reviews say the low cost option was the best choice?

Below, we explain factors like coverage options, costs, and customer reviews to help you determine whether a CarShield extended warranty service may be a good choice for your vehicle.

Most Affordable

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Our research found this provider to be the most affordable. Plus, it offers monthly plans.

CarShield Warranty Highlights

CarShield Extended Warranty Coverage Overview


Added Benefits

CarShield Extended Warranty Costs

CarShield Reviews & Ratings

Positive CarShield Reviews

Negative CarShield Reviews

Conclusion: Is CarShield Worth The Money?

FAQ: CarShield Reviews

CarShield Warranty Highlights

CarShield was founded in 2005 and is based in Saint Peters, Missouri. The provider is technically a vehicle service contract broker, meaning it offers protection plans administered by other companies, called obligators. This setup gives drivers a wider variety of coverage options and price points.

If you have a CarShield vehicle service contract, covered repairs can be made at any dealership or facility certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE


). This makes finding an eligible mechanic easy, which is important if you have a breakdown far from home. The company also includes perks to help cover the costs of getting you to the nearest repair facility.

CarShield contracts can be canceled at any time.

CarShield Extended Warranty Coverage Overview

What an extended car warranty covers depends on the plan that you choose. CarShield offers six coverage plans:

CarShield Warranty



Comparable to a new car manufacturer’s warranty, CarShield Diamond coverage is an exclusionary plan. This means all systems and components of your vehicle are included, except for a short list of non-covered parts.


Good for high-mileage vehicles or used cars, this plan covers certain parts of your vehicle’s engine, transmission, cooling system, air conditioning, steering, brakes, electrical components, fuel pump, and more. CarShield Platinum is stated-component coverage, meaning each specific covered part of these systems is listed in the vehicle service contract.


As CarShield’s enhanced powertrain coverage, the Gold plan focuses on common powertrain components like your engine, transmission, and drivetrain, but also includes parts like the alternator, power window motors, and starter.


The Silver plan is CarShield’s most basic (and most affordable) powertrain coverage option. It covers only the most important parts of your vehicle, including your engine, transmission, water pump, and drive axle.


This plan covers most computer-related and electrical components, including the power seat control, sensors, cruise control, electronic gauges, and LCD screens.

Motorcycle & ATV

If you have a motorcycle or all-terrain vehicle that needs coverage, CarShield offers distinct plans for specialty vehicles.

Most CarShield plans allow customers to transfer coverage to subsequent owners. The process requires a $50 administrative fee, and customers cannot transfer coverage to other vehicles.


Even the most comprehensive extended auto warranties have their limits. CarShield plan exclusions are common among almost every extended warranty provider on the market.

CarShield does not cover:

Parts that have been modified or altered

Wear-and-tear components like brake pads and air filters

Damage caused by acts of nature, collision, vandalism, or lack of proper maintenance

Auto repairs that have been made without pre-authorization from a CarShield claims representative

Added Benefits

With CarShield contracts, drivers also receive:

24-hour roadside assistance

Courtesy towing any time you break down

Rental car reimbursement (included in only some plans)

CarShield includes 24-hour roadside assistance in each of its vehicle service contracts.

CarShield Extended Warranty Costs

Extended car warranty costs can vary widely from vehicle to vehicle, depending on factors such as:

Your deductible

The coverage plan you choose

Your vehicle’s make and model

The age and mileage of your car

We reached out to CarShield for prices on a few vehicles and were quoted the following:

Vehicle Type

CarShield Warranty

Term Length

Monthly Payment


2018 Toyota Camry


5 years/100,000 miles

$83.28 for 18 months


2013 Honda Accord



$99.99 monthly


With CarShield, drivers can choose from a range of ded

uctibles starting from $0. The company also offers monthly payment plans, so you don’t have to worry about being locked into a long-term contract.

In our own 2021 warranty survey, we polled 1000 consumers that have either bought an extended warranty, or considered purchasing one. Our research team found that most respondents paid between $1,500 to $2,500 for their vehicle service contracts. For comparison, the total cost for CarShield’s most comprehensive protection plan was $1,794.04.

CarShield Reviews & Ratings

CarShield has been featured on ESPN, CNN, HGTV, and TBS, and has a number of celebrity endorsements. Additionally, it has received thousands of online customer reviews. The company currently holds a 4.1-star rating on Google with more than 6,000 reviews. It also received 4.0 stars on Trustpilot with over 16,000 customer ratings.

Despite these positive CarShield reviews, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) gives the company an F rating and indicates a pattern of complaints involving pushy or misleading sales and advertising, difficulty canceling policies, and rude CarShield representatives. Some consumers even call the company a scam or rip-off.

There are more than 1,000 CarShield customer reviews on BBB, averaging a 1.45-star rating. CarShield customer service responds to many comments, and about half of the complaints have been closed in the last year.

Here’s what a few customers had to say in CarShield reviews:

Positive CarShield Reviews

Since most customers are buying CarShield’s service contracts to cover major repairs, many customers happily report a job well done and smooth claims process. Other’s mention helpful customer service representatives end enjoying perks like rental car reimbursement.

“I have had to use Car Shield two times. Both times they responded and covered my repairs without any hassle.” – Mary M., BBB

“We bought a car warranty for our 2007 Impala. We were in California when the transmission went out. CarShield stepped in, got the claim approved quickly, and we were back on the road. Don’t know what we would have done without them.” – Marion Roth, Google

Negative CarShield Reviews

One complaint we saw repeatedly was that CarShield denied claims for what customers thought were covered car repairs. However, this is common among top extended warranty companies and can often be attributed to consumers not thoroughly reading vehicle service contracts or not understanding contract terms before signing them.

Additional complaints included waiting on refunds, car repairs taking weeks, or benefits like towing not being reimbursed.

“Paid $121 per month, and when my car broke down, they didn’t pay a cent.” – Lee, BBB

“I bought CarShield because of the awesome commercials. On the phone, the salesperson said that ‘anything that is not a wear item is covered, so no brake pads, no tires, etc...’ Turns out that a lot of things are not covered. There are 10 pages of fine print.” – Marco Borrillo, Google

Conclusion: Is CarShield Worth The Money?

Our research on CarShield’s coverage options, costs, and customer service shows that CarShield could be a great choice to protect your vehicle in the long run, especially if you’re on a tight budget and in need of a used car warranty.

Although the company has received several complaints, CarShield reviews are predominantly positive, and the company has a good name in the industry. Taking into consideration it is one of the top extended auto warranty companies has covered over 1 million vehicles in 16 years, a few hundred negative comments barely make a dent in the company’s reputation.

Overall, we think it’s worth getting a quote from CarShield.

Most Affordable

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(877) 265-5123

Our research found this provider to be the most affordable. Plus, it offers monthly plans.

It’s always smart to shop around for extended warranty coverage to make sure you’re getting the best deal for the coverage you need. We recommend comparing quotes from CarShield with other reputable extended car warranty companies. Take the time to read Endurance reviews and CARCHEX reviews to see which companies best suit your vehicle.

FAQ: CarShield Reviews

How much does CarShield cost on average?

Based on our research, a Diamond plan for a late-2010s SUV with less than 50,000 miles costs between $100 and $130 per month with a $100 deductible. However, a Gold plan for a 2013 sedan with just under 100,000 miles would also cost $130 per month with a $100 deductible.

Is CarShield worth having?

As our pick for the “Most Affordable” thid-party warranty provider, CarShield can be a good choice for drivers seeking coverage at low costs. The provider offers multiple coverage plans and month-to-month contracts, but buying any protection plan carries the risk of paying for services you may not need.

What repairs does CarShield cover?

CarShield repair coverage depends on the extended auto warranty you purchase. The provider offers basic powertrain warranty plans that cover the engine, transmission, and drive axles. CarShield also offers exclusionary, bumper-to-bumper warranties that cover almost every mechanical and electrical component. Most of the company’s protection plans provide coverages between a powertrain and bumper-to-bumper warranty.

Does CarShield cover electrical problems?

CarShield’s Platinum and Diamond plans both cover electrical systems. The Aluminum plan covers most electrical parts like the starter and navigation systems.

Are extended car warranties worth it?

extended auto warranty for owners looking to buy a used car is worth it in order to avoid their own money to pay for unexpected repairs costs. but it depends on your needs and your particular vehicle. the best view on RepairPal average repair costs and other sites, and your car extended warranty offer comparison. p> div>