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STARTECH Range Rover Evoque attracts attention

Rover Evoque Range STARTECH vehicle
ZTSG 17/10/2021 Suv 263
In 2012, a crossover design concept evolved into a mass-produced crossover that was urgently needed by a British car brand. The Range Rover Evoque has become one of the most famous models in Land Rove...

In 2012, a crossover design concept evolved into a mass-produced crossover that was urgently needed by a British car brand. The Range Rover Evoque has become one of the most famous models in Land Rover's history. Selected as the best SUV of 2012 by "Motor Trend" magazine, Evoque continued to win high praise from the automotive media, and won the Truck of the Year Award at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Land Rover Range Rover pioneered the bold configuration of modern technology and design into the ideal of luxury and practicality. Range Rover Evoque does have a lot to appreciate.

Accustomed to modifying the premium automobiles of Mercedes-Benz, German auto company Brabus has also taken a plunge with Tata Motors-owned British carmakers,, including Land Rover/Range Rover. Under their STARTECH brand, Brabus undertakes the task of working their aftermarket vehicle tuner magic on the stylish Range Rover Evoque.

Developed for the three-door and the five-door models of the Range Rover Evoque, the STARTECH program completely redefines the chic appearance of the compact crossover vehicle. On the outside, a new front and rear fascia feature a wind-tunnel-tested design. Unique air inlets are found on the front,, while an integrated diffuser is located under the rear bumper cover of the STARTECH-outfitted Range Rover Evoque. Other exterior modifications STARTECH has engineered into the Range Rover Evoque’s cutting-edge profile includes a specially crafted rear roof wing.

Complementing the STARTECH Range Rover Evoque’s bodywork enhancements is the vehicle’s lower-than-stock profile. Using STARTECH’s sport springs, the ride height of the custom tuner crossover vehicle is lowered by 30 millimeters (1.18 inches) over the factory Evoque. Custom Monostar 20-inch and 22-inch wheels reinforce the STARTECH Range Rover Evoque’s tasteful infusion of tuner personalization.

While the factory Range Rover Evoque offers a bountiful choice of 16 tailored interior arrangements, the STARTECH crossover provides a more indefinite number of interior customizations. Accentuation of the German-inspired STARTECH Range Rover Evoque’s cabin treks even deeper into the realm as premium luxury meets European performance style. Steering the compact crossover vehicle’s interior towards something even sportier, STARTECH matches the highest quality leather and Alcantara material to the surfaces of the Evoque. The customer specifies the interior color combination of the upholstery for a tailored driving atmosphere. Wood or carbon-fiber trim can be selected to associate with the STARTECH Range Rover Evoque custom interior along with aluminum foot pedals.

Aside from a modified stainless steel exhaust, STARTECH has yet to confirm performance enhancements to the Range Rover Evoque’s supercharged two-liter, four-cylinder powerplant. Only saying that engine tuning is “currently under development, “STARTECH makes a note to mention improvements are underway to provide gains over the stock 240 horsepower.

The STARTECH accessorizing of the baby Range Rover translated into US dollars, including the bodywork, wheels, and suspension enhancements on the Evoque and some interior add-ons alone, costs roughly $7,381. This price does not include the custom interior details, including the seat upholstery. In addition to the United States pricing of the Range Rover Evoque striding up to $53,000, the STARTECH tuning is an expensive though effective way of making popular, mass-produced vehicle preserve exclusiveness to an individual owner.

Source of information and pictures: Brabus/STARTECH