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Car registration stolen: what to do?

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ZTSG 31/07/2021 Truck 196
Make a declaration of theft of CG If you have your registration card stolen, whether in France or abroad, you must make a declaration of theft at the police station in police or the gendarmerie cl...

Make a declaration of theft of CG

If you have your registration card stolen, whether in France or abroad, you must make a declaration of theft at the police station in police or the gendarmerie closest to the place of theft. You must then complete a cerfa form specifying the identity of the declarant, the characteristics of the vehicle and the elements known about the theft of the registration card concerned.

To file an opposition

You must then file an opposition after the theft of the registration card. This is done with the service in charge of registration certificates. Making an objection on the ANTS website allows the authorities to prohibit any fraudulent use of your registration card and your vehicle, if it has been stolen with it.

Apply for a duplicate card gray

After declaring the theft and filing an objection, you must reapply for a gray card. For this, the procedure is the same as for a lost or damaged registration card. You just need to follow the duplicate request procedure. The request must be made by the card holder, at the ANTS site.

If the vehicle is under a leasing contract, you should contact the organization that owns the car. The request for a duplicate registration card is dematerialized. You must then go to the ANTS site, or contact a professional authorized by the Ministry of the Interior.

To obtain a duplicate, you must complete a Cerfa 13750 registration certificate form. This is the certificate used to declare a change of vehicle registration name, address, modification of the characteristics of the vehicle or correct information mentioned.

In this form, a certain amount of information you will be asked for:

the characteristics of the vehicle: registration number, identification number, date of first registration, make of the vehicle, color of the vehicle, etc. the vehicle registration format: old system or new system '' registration the situation of the vehicle: purchase, long-term rental or leasing (LLD or LOA) the identity of the holder of the vehicle the reason for the request for the registration certificate

The documents to be provided to obtain a duplicate

The documents to be provided in the event of theft of a vehicle registration document:

certificate of the theft declaration (cerfa form) with the stamp of the police station request for a duplicate of the registration certificate (Cerfa form) identity document of the titul stolen vehicle registration area proof of address technical inspection report

Payment for the theft registration procedure

The price of a duplicate registration document varies according to several criteria:

the number of fiscal horses of the vehicle the type of vehicle: car, motorcycle, truck the regional tax according to the registration department. The price of the fiscal horse varies according to the regions. In Corse-du-Sud, the price of a tax horse is only € 27 while it is € 51.20 in the PACA region (Provence-Alpes Côte d´Azur).

To all these variables, you must add fixed costs such as the management tax (€ 4) and the delivery charge (€ 2.76).

The delays in obtaining the gray card

Once the request to obtain the duplicate is finalized, it is necessary to wait between 3 and 5 working days to obtain the duplicate in a package secured. In the meantime, the provisional registration certificate will be given to you so that you can move around freely. The provisional registration certificate (CPI) allows you to travel legally during a month in the territory. It must be presented to law enforcement if the vehicle is checked. It gives all the information relating to your future gray card.

Be vigilant! The provisional registration certificate does not allow you to travel abroad. You must stay on the national territory only.

I have found my registration card that I thought was stolen: what should I do?

If the registration card declared stolen is found, it is then invalid. Thus, if you find your car registration document after the theft has been declared to the police station, you should request a duplicate.

Be careful and make sure the registration card has been stolen before you start the process. This saves you unnecessary costs.

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