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Peugeot sports a new logo!

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ZTSG 29/07/2021 Truck 196
A little history of the lion brand Peugeot is a French industrial company founded in 1810 by… the Peugeot family. The firm was then in metallurgy in the broad sense, with a predilection for workin...

A little history of the lion brand

Peugeot is a French industrial company founded in 1810 by… the Peugeot family. The firm was then in metallurgy in the broad sense, with a predilection for working with steel. The steel industry becomes their core business with various manufactured objects such as umbrella ribs or corsets. We all know the famous pepper mills and bicycles stamped with the letters of the brand.

Finally, it was in 1886 a few years later that two companies ended up specializing and distinguishing themselves. One looks at the automobile entering the French market through Italy; the second focuses on bicycles.

These two companies will merge in 1910, to avoid any related confusion. in the name and the brand. But the economic vagaries of the aftermath of the Great War will be right for the merger in 1926. This can be explained, among other things, by the arrival on the automotive market of another renowned French brand: Citroën.

Some years later, in 1976, Peugeot will become the main shareholder of this company which for a time overshadowed it.

We see that the Peugeot logos evolve at times of important turning points or of the company as in 1973 or the turning points of the firm itself like 1925.

What a change of logo implies

A change of logo does not have a purely aesthetic aim . This gesture is heavy with symbolism and that is why it is interesting to look into it.

For the brand, this is an opportunity to reaffirm itself and highlight its strengths. Or it may be the herald of a new direction; from the manufacturer. For example, in 2010, the emblem now worn by the lion brand is a sign of modernity, we can see the renewal that coincides with the democratization of new technologies. In 1933, we see the beginning of an economic revival after the 1929 crisis. And Peugeot produced a fine and racy feline on its logo, giving an impression of speed and power. Likewise, in 1948, automobiles were stamped with a new stamp.

But these logo changes, if they have a certain symbolism, also have an impact on you as a consumer. P >

The new leadership asserted by the company can be detrimental if you want to sell your car. Indeed, your car immediately loses its value. More modern vehicles with more recent options have arrived at dealerships and the older ones are seeing their prices drop in favor of the new ones, even more during the annual discount. The logo change is the signal for you that it is necessary sell your car.

Like, now is the time to buy. Cars lose value, and this is an opportunity to have recent vehicles at a lower cost. That is why we advise you to put your Peugeot car on the market as soon as possible.

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The new logo

But what about the emblem designed for cars of the 2021 generation and beyond? Peugeot returns to its tradition. Indeed this new emblem is reminiscent of those of 1955 and 1960 with the shape of a quadrilateral, traditional of a coat of arms. But it is not weapons that are struck in the center of the shield. It's a lion, Peugeot's iconic symbol.

But two ruptures can be noted in 2021. First of all, it is no longer the entire body of the feline that forms the logo. From now on, it is only the head that allows the brand to be recognized on its cars. We join again the logo of 1960. But this time more question of bronze, which returns an image a little aging and dilapidated. This is why this color is discontinued.

And it is at this point that the new logo joins that of the years 2000 and 2010. It is silver that the lion will be struck. Modernity and innovation are thus represented. This ties in with the minimalist design of this recent representation. Clean, this one draws the main features of the lion, its mouth and its mane.

La bicentennial French brand Peugeot announced a few days ago that their cars for this season sported a restyled logo, with lines echoing the 1960 image, more refined in order to anchor themselves in the standards of the 21st century. bind to promise modern and innovative vehicles. However, this lowers the price of cars bearing the emblem of the 2000s and 2010s, so now is the right time to sell yours. And CapCar intends to support you in this process.