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Prepare your vehicle for the hunting season

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ZTSG 17/05/2022 Truck 185
For some people, autumn is the season of brightly colored leaves, pumpkin spice lattes and football. For others, autumn means one thing: the hunting season. If your fall adventure includes waking up a...

For some people, autumn is the season of brightly colored leaves, pumpkin spice lattes and football. For others, autumn means one thing: the hunting season. If your fall adventure includes waking up at 4:00 AM to hike to a perfect tree and track the 10 o’clock money, then you need a properly equipped vehicle to get there.Prepare your vehicle for the hunting season

Just as your hunting gear for muzzle loading is different than for archery, so are the ways you can protect and upgrade your car, truck, or SUV to give yourself the ultimate hunting vehicle.

Interior Protection


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Interior Protection

Dirt, burrs, foliage – as much as you love being in the woods, you don’t want to bring it home with you. Protect your seats with custom-fit covers. You can find these covers in a variety of fabrics, including waterproof neoprene, tear resistant ballistic, and even an assortment of camouflages.

Tactical style seat covers come with versatile pockets and attachments on the rear of the covers, helping with storage and organization.

Protect your floors with digital fit floor liners. Unlike your standard floor mat, these liners are custom fit with a 2-inch raised lip around the outside of the mat, ensuring that any debris or liquid does not spill onto your carpet. These are a must for muddy boots and great for those living in regions with snowy winters.


Regardless of if you are going out for the morning, or if you are going on a four-day trek, being prepared while hunting generally means having a bunch of gear for any situation you may encounter. Instead of trying to fit everything into your trunk or tying totes into your truck bed, why not purchase a custom fit car organizer?

These storage solutions are made to fit under your seats, in your trunk, or in your truck bed, are compartmentalized for increased organization, and some are even lockable. If you have a truck, your options are nearly endless from toolbox-style containers, to truck caps, bed slides and custom fit storage systems.Prepare your vehicle for the hunting season

There are even storage solutions that fit various rifles and shotguns.

If your hunting trip requires driving to a remote location, you may want to consider a set of off-road or all-terrain tires. This upgrade will not only give your vehicle an aggressive look, but it will also decrease your chances of getting stuck in the woods with a flat tire.

Off-road and all-terrain tires have thicker, knobbier, tread and a denser sidewall, increasing traction and making them more impermeable – great for the hunter looking to trek deep into the woods.

From Car To Camper

When you get to that ultimate hunting spot, maybe you want to stay for a few days. Utilize your vehicle to camp in style and comfort. Roof mounted awnings will keep your campground and gear protected from the elements. Instead of tent camping on the ground, pack a truck bed or roof mounted tent, some of which are available in camo patterns.

These off-ground alternatives to traditional tents create a flat, solid base for sleeping and also keep you out of any standing water should you encounter bad weather.

Staying warm and dry makes for a much better hunting trip, doesn’t it?

If you are planning on hunting with your four-legged friend, make sure they are both safe and comfortable during your ride. For cars and small SUVs, install a pet barrier and cargo protector. For trucks and large SUVs, consider a single or double dog box.

Keep your pet safe before you put him or her on the scent.

No matter what your game or vehicle is, preparation is key for a successful hunting season. Make sure this year both you and your vehicle are ready to bag that trophy.

*Author: Richard Renia, product trainer at CARiD.com, what preparations have you made for the vehicles during the hunting season?