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Used Utility Buying Guide

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AutoWorld 30/07/2021 Truck 205
How to choose the right utility? You have just decided to buy a utility but you don't know which one to choose? Indeed, the models are numerous, the offers multiple and the choice difficult. There...

How to choose the right utility?

You have just decided to buy a utility but you don't know which one to choose? Indeed, the models are numerous, the offers multiple and the choice difficult. There are many factors to consider in finding THE right pickup truck for you. First, you need to know how you will use this vehicle. This will allow you to define the loading capacity you will need and will already guide you at first. Once the boot size has been defined, the number of seats on the bench will somewhat reduce the possibilities of choice. Then, the load weight is highly regulated in France. The PTAC (Total Authorized Loading Weight) is effectively only 3.5 tonnes. If you need a utility for transporting heavy equipment or materials, beware of this! The pounds increase quickly ... There are other things to keep your van optimally profitable. Is it essential for you to have roof racks? A parking aid? Integrated GPS? So many elements and accessories to take into account when choosing your model. Last thing to see, your place and mode of use. If you live or work in the city, the length of your utility is a significant consideration.

The Benefits of Buying a Used Utility

That's it, you've crossed the line the step and you have chosen your utility. And you wonder if taking it secondhand is a good idea. So we have compiled a non-exhaustive list of the advantages of buying a used van for you. First aspect: the price. Thanks to the discount, a one-year-old vehicle loses 20% of its original value. So even a lightly used utility vehicle will always be much cheaper than it would have been bought new. And that savings can pay for the pickup truck of your dreams. This can give you the chance to have access to a more powerful and upscale vehicle with the same budget, and on occasion the car of your choice is available now, without having to wait. 'buy directly from the brand, you can have a delivery time: vehicle in production, out of stock, delivery time ... You will not see the color of your car for a certain time, sometimes up to 6 months ! This is one of the big advantages of buying used, you leave with the car as soon as you see it.

The disadvantages of buying a used utility

But buying a used utility can be scary. We all have a friend who can tell us about the scam he was victim of, overconfidence or because he was surrounded by a charlatan. So you hesitate to take the plunge and wonder if buying new might not be a better and safer investment. Indeed, it is the very principle of the second-hand market to take back a used car. But who says used says more tired parts. What about wear and tear on the mechanics and bodywork? First of all, a vehicle offered for sale must have passed a technical inspection within a period of less than six months before the conclusion of the sale. In addition, the maintenance book and invoices can be requested and give you a more precise view of the condition of your future car. However, you are not immune to hidden defects. First of all, what is a hidden defect? This is a vehicle failure that puts the lives of the driver and passengers at risk while driving. As the name suggests, a hidden defect was intentionally concealed by the seller from the buyer in order to complete the transaction. Warning! To be recognized by the courts, a hidden defect must have been revealed within two years of the conclusion of the sale. Finally, another drawback is the lack of choice in aesthetics. When buying a used car, you don't choose the color or finish of your van, but what can be changed later.

The most popular utilities

A dozen used utilities stand out a lot. We can distinguish the very popular French brands from the few also popular foreign models.

French models Peugeot Expert

The utility of the French manufacturer Peugeot is at the top of the list thanks to its many strengths. Its diesel or electric motor takes you everywhere. A compact version will be practical for all city dwellers looking to park easily. Its 7CV will allow you to take your equipment wherever you want. Available with an automatic or manual gearbox, its variations allow each driver to find the Peugeot Expert that suits him.

Find your used Peugeot Expert

Renault Trafic

And it is Renault which seizes the second place, with its inevitable Trafic. To go anywhere, it is equipped with a minimum of 120hp, or a fiscal power of 7CV. Its PTAC can be chosen according to the use you have of your utility, which is a strong point of the diamond brand. Front drive wheels make this vehicle traction, which coupled with a manual or automatic transmission allows certain maneuverability with the heavy load of utilities.

Renault Kangoo

Renault wins again in the ranking with its legendary Kangoo. Van or family, it is not very powerful with only 95hp. However, its small size makes it a perfect vehicle for the city. A manual gearbox and a 4-cylinder diesel engine combine for easy and enjoyable operation.

Find your used Renault Kangoo

Peugeot Partner

The reputation of the Peugeot Partner is well established. Famous utility of the lion brand, it is equipped with a 6CV engine, available in diesel or gasoline. Very small, he is the ally of all city dwellers who cannot do without a van. Its strong point? Its three seats in the front.

Find your used Peugeot Partner p > Renault Master

Fifth place is occupied (again!) By Renault. This is a fairly massive van in this case, up to 4.5m long just for loading. The engine is therefore adapted with its 180hp, which classifies it as the most powerful at the start of the classification. Unfortunately, it only offers the option of a diesel engine.

Find your Renault Used Master

Citroën Jumpy

With its 1,400kg payload, the Jumpy is Citroën's first utility vehicle to make it onto our list. It also offers the choice of a diesel or electric motor, which makes it particularly attractive. With its 4.6 meters, it is suitable for driving in town as elsewhere. It comes in different sizes, up to 5.3 meters, to suit the needs of its driver. With its 1.94 meters high, it can be used in a large majority of car parks, including those usually used by individuals for their cars.

Find your used Citroën Jumpy

Citroën Berlingo

The last of the French utility vehicles on this list is still stamped with two chevrons. Like the Renault Kangoo, the Berlingo is also available in family form. It exists with manual or automatic gearbox, according to the wishes of its driver. With its 101hp, it is available in diesel or gasoline.

Find your used Citroën Berlingo

Foreign models Ford Transit Custom

The Ford Transit Custom is the only non-European utility of this listing. It is available in diesel as well as in electric. Small flat for the electric motors, their autonomy of only 56km. However, a plug-in hybrid version is available. A very good point for the environment!

Find your used Ford Transit Custom

Fiat Ducato

And it's an Italian utility that completes our ranking. Four-wheel drive is accompanied by an engine that can have up to 180hp, making the Fiat Ducato compete with the Renault Master. A big drawback: its size is imposing since it can exceed 6m depending on the model chosen.

Dacia Dokker Van

And our last choice is this Romanian utility. The Dacia Dokker Van is a diesel. Its 75hp are controlled by a manual gearbox. The whole thing is managed by front driving wheels, allowing traction of the van.

Where to buy its used van?

All you have to do is buy your used van! But the question remains: who to buy this vehicle from? We are looking for someone you can trust, with a reliable vehicle, while retaining the advantages of a used car. Who to turn to?


The first interface we can think of, this trading platform, essential for the occasion in France. A market leader, the classifieds website has proven itself since 2006 for the efficiency of its commercial exchanges between individuals. You can contact the seller directly, discuss and negotiate with him. But we don't know who is behind the screen or what the vehicle is worth until we see it. Leboncoin scams are frequent and the risks numerous. Between nasty surprises and fraudulent payments like the famous Western Union scam, you never know what you're going to fall into.

Resellers and dealers

Your mechanic can also turn out to be a reseller. He buys cars from other customers, then performs maintenance and repairs as necessary. He then puts them back for sale, making a margin that corresponds to his services and the services he offers.This means of purchase makes it possible to be sure of the quality of the utility which one becomes the owner, in the to the extent that you trust your mechanic. Often they are linked with the builder by a concession contract. In this case, the mechanic becomes a dealer of the brand. It may be linked only to this manufacturer, in which case the concession is said to be exclusive, or be affiliated with several manufacturers.


Manufacturers have their own system of second-hand equipment. They are selling cars from their own factories that have been taken over from other customers. As with the mechanic, the vehicle is reviewed and you can be sure of its reliability. In addition, your old car may earn you a trade-in bonus. However, the same drawback as the dealer: the price increases despite everything and makes the transaction less advantageous for you. Especially since a somewhat old utility vehicle will not be taken back or at a very low price.


The last solution is to hire an intermediary who will accompany you through the various stages of your process. can come with you to inspect the vehicle, another canvass sellers, yet another take care of the transport of your vehicle…

Intermediaries like Capcar offer a range of services in this direction. Capcar offers you a wide range of used cars (utility and others) checked by their mechanics and will accompany you to try the car on the day of the transaction. The company is committed to providing quality vehicles and secure payment. A 6 month warranty is offered and can be extended. Likewise, a follow-up of papers and a convoy can be requested. Thus, you make a reliable transaction, with complete transparency and therefore with complete confidence.

The second-hand market for buying a utility vehicle is very favorable. Once you have identified your needs, you have to find a suitable model. However, while buying second-hand has many advantages, you should be wary of deceptions of all kinds. This is why calling on the professionals is a significant asset. These are services offered by brands but also intermediaries trained in sales and automotive trades such as Capcar.

Cars CapcarCapcar offers used cars inspected by their mechanics on more than 200 points so you can drive safely. So you can have confidence in the cars that are suggested by the Capcar site. Do not hesitate any longer and call on our services!

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