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Car maker toy with Santa's sleigh

Santa Ford Claus sleigh Lexus
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Christmas Eve is the busiest night for the most famous elf in the world. Jolly Old Saint Nicholas, Kris Kringle, Santa Claus or the most commonly accepted Santa Claus, advocating a culture of kindness...

Christmas Eve is the busiest night for the most famous elf in the world. Jolly Old Saint Nicholas, Kris Kringle, Santa Claus or the most commonly accepted Santa Claus, advocating a culture of kindness and consideration, has spent several months preparing for the 2012 annual trip. Although the story of Santa Claus giving gifts every night has been lovingly recorded in a sleigh pulled by a magical reindeer, some people hope to introduce a new vacation vehicle.Car maker toy with Santa's sleigh

Replacing reindeer power with horsepower, Ford Motor Company invested time into conceptualizing Santa’s 21st century sleigh based on the Evos design study last year. Heading into this season, Lexus joins the fold wanting to grant a tailored present for the massive one night worldwide delivery.

Ford Transit Connect Wagon Sleigh

Lexus Flying Luxury Cruiser

Ford Transit Connect Wagon Sleigh

As the Transit Connect Wagon is set to become Ford’s newest family mover, the auto company is also courting the man in red with a special version of the new 2014 model year vehicle.

A ski-driven urban hauler, the Ford Transit Connect Wagon Sleigh applies the utility qualities of their van to commuting Santa Claus and his trove of gifts. Since the Ford Transit Connect has successfully become an icon to commercial and delivery businesses, the newest sleigh concept could actually allow annual trips to be performed with more stealth. The Ford Transit Connect Wagon’s capability of hauling 2,000 pounds would be well utilized through the December 24th trip.

Propelled by an EcoBoost-enhanced turbocharged 1.6 liter powerplant, Ford claims Santa Claus can obtain fuel economy above 30 miles per gallon. Number crunching conducted by the car company last year determined an economical benefit of an internal combustion engine over the maintenance of the North Pole’s traditional reindeer stable.

Though on the surface a callous way to look at Santa’s long-time companions for his around-the-world journey, it could be rationalized that it could offset the high costs of preparing presents for the world’s children. (That would be an issue if it weren’t for the fact Santa Claus generosity is always valued above money).Car maker toy with Santa's sleigh

Inside St Nick’s new cockpit, the Ford Transit Connect Wagon Sleigh avails the beloved pilot a host of aids adding comfort and usable functionality. Ford SYNC with MyFord Touch provides up-to-date navigation at the reach of a touch screen so Santa can maneuver swiftly across the globe. The hands-free phone properties of the popular Ford SYNC helps assure he can safely alert Mrs. Claus on when he can be expected back at the North Pole. A low-tech attribute of eight cup holders inside the Ford Transit Connect Wagon Sleigh provides more than enough spots to place his hot cocoa.

Lexus Flying Luxury Cruiser

On his one and only night of the year where he travels cross the world, doesn’t Santa Claus deserve to ride in class and comfort? Believing that the overnight trip deserves the pampering feel and performance of a luxury car, Toyota’s premium car brand Lexus has repurposed their LF-LC concept sports car as Santa Claus’ new sleigh.

Classified by the upscale vehicle brand as the LFLC (Lexus Flying Luxury Cruiser), the modernized sleigh will definitely become a sight that grown man will hang on their wall. The Lexus sleigh design dashes through the snow with 800 reindeerpower under the brilliant but not exactly magical influence of the Lexus Hybrid Drive system. The LFLC sleigh operating under EV mode provides zero emissions movement so quiet not even a mouse can equal.

The LFLC also plans to fulfill the job of Christmas’ most famous reindeer Rudolph. A red LED light couple with stereo cameras on the front of this 800-horsepower Lexus sleigh allows Santa to streak through challenging weather. Advanced Pre-Collision System and Blind Spot Monitor with Rear Cross-Traffic Alert on the LFLC sleigh promises safe arrival to every house. Lexus Enform is equipped inside of the LFLC providing Christmas music options with Pandora and IHeartRadio to accompany Santa Claus on his trip.

Though the sharpest-looking sleigh if Santa was experiencing a mid-life crisis (if he would ever age), the LFLC does seem to have one minus. While the mystery of how all the gifts fit inside one bag continues to be an unsolved puzzle of Christmas, maybe the trunk space of Lexus’ version of Santa Claus’ sleigh could ignite another question to the legend.

Santa Claus is always appreciative of the efforts of children as well as former children in sharing cheering in the season, Ford and Lexus proposals are not likely to join Christmas folklore. While street versions of these vehicles are fine and dandy for us without flying reindeer, the jolly old man in red considers his reindeer his loyal friends for what would be a fast but lonely trip. After all, for a holiday dedicated to togetherness, why should the reindeer be denied their favourite game?

Source of information and pictures: Ford Motor Company, Toyota Motor Company