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Which city car to choose on occasion?

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Summary City cars: why and for whom? Points to watch out for before buying a used city car Safety in city cars City cars: why and for whom? The city ​​car is a small car mainly used for getting ar...

Summary City cars: why and for whom? Points to watch out for before buying a used city car Safety in city cars

City cars: why and for whom?

The city ​​car is a small car mainly used for getting around town, over short distances. It is a type of vehicle that is mainly popular with city dwellers, young drivers, singles and couples. They are therefore targeting a fairly large target, which explains why the Renault Clio IV, the Peugeot 208 and the Citroën C3 are among the top 10 best-selling cars in France in 2018 on the automotive market! It is also often a secondary car with a wide choice of vehicles, inexpensive both in terms of fuel and maintenance, and used for low annual mileage. Thus, city cars have some notable advantages: p > Contained prices: Already affordable new, most city cars sell for between 3000 and 6000 € on the second-hand market, these are what we can call “cheap second-hand cars”. They represent a good deal, as much for a student who is looking for a first-hand car, as for a motorist who wants to get around town easily. It’s the ideal first car for a young driver. The right power: City cars are the most suitable cars for the city. To cope with pollution, speed limits, traffic jams and parking difficulties, you don't need a big engine. A city car that has between 90hp and 110hp will do the trick. Controlled maintenance costs: A city car that is well maintained and checked by a professional will be reliable over time and there are relatively few major breakdowns on this type of car. fuel consumption: Often equipped with small engines, whether diesel or gasoline, they remain very reliable and fuel efficient cars.

A small city car is therefore distinguished only by its size, which makes it more practical and easier for new permits, and therefore its lower performance. This is particularly the case of the Nissan Micra, the Citroen C4 and the Toyota Yaris. Otherwise, like any other vehicle, the city car has the same equipment. For example: centralized car air conditioning, central locking, radars or reversing cameras, speed limiters or cruise control, etc. CapCar also offers you a used Citroën C3, a used Renault Clio as well as a Used Peugeot 208. A used Nissan Micra is also available.

Things to watch out for before buying a used city car

City cars often have urban use, so be careful to knocks on the bodywork but also to mechanical wear and in particular the clutch which suffers a lot from this type of use. Frequent cold starts, traffic jams and journeys over short distances, city dwellers sometimes suffer more than other more family cars, or with a more road and motorway profile. Some parts are strained and damaged more quickly. There are signs of this kind of thing: if the gears are difficult to change, the synchros of the gearbox can for example be replaced, because worn by this repeated use. The power steering as well as the front axle of the car can also be. damaged with simple knocks on the sidewalks, or even the parallelism of the wheels.

Always prefer a model with a good follow-up to avoid being confronted with faults or hidden defects and be attentive to suspicious noises, the parallelism of the wheels or the alignment of the steering wheel during the vehicle test.

As the finish is generally quite basic, the risks of electrical and electronic breakdowns are often lower than on cars in the upper segments, although newer generations of city cars now have complex electronic systems and interfaces. . Check the condition of the upholstery, the operation and kinetics of the car seats if they are foldable (in 3-door city cars) and the condition of the carpet, especially under the floor mats.

Even if the tires are not too worn (above the tolerance limit of 1.6 mm), take a look at the date written on the sidewall (the DOT index provides information on the production date, week / year number). The rubber of a tire hardens and deteriorates over time (maximum 5 years). Some cars that run little may still have their original tires, whose performance may be totally obsolete. Check, if the car you want is over 4 years old, that the technical inspection is valid and less than 6 months old. Otherwise, if the car is less than 4 years old, you will have to do it yourself before registering your car in your name. But this is not fully comprehensive insurance as only safety features like brakes and suspensions are inspected. Therefore, it is better to be doubly attentive to the condition of the mechanical elements.

It is a type of vehicle for which certain options such as the sunroof or xenon headlights are not applicable. a primary utility. However, a reversing radar, a cruise control / speed limiter or even an emergency braking assistance device in town can prove to be interesting options to help the driver on the move.

The safety of city-dwellers

Thanks to the safety standards imposed by the European Union, vehicles are much safer than in the past. ABS (anti-lock brakes) and ESP (trajectory control) are mandatory on all new vehicles. However, keep in mind that in a crash you will not be as well protected as in a sedan, station wagon, or any larger vehicle. Note, however, that the new city cars use ultra-high elasticity steel for their chassis, which improves their performance during crash tests.

Cars have grown in size over the years. The city dwellers of now are in a way the city dwellers of 20 years ago. The cars that are considered to be "micro-city cars" are A Renault Clio 4 is today a fairly spacious car, comfortable and able to cover all distances.

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