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"Old Crow" Mustang GT takes off at the "party"

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Ford and Roush Performance team salute veterans for the "Old Crow" Mustang GT.“Old Crow” takes its inspiration from the P-51 Mustang which saw combat during World War II.The special Mustang hits the a...

Ford and Roush Performance team salute veterans for the "Old Crow" Mustang GT.

“Old Crow” takes its inspiration from the P-51 Mustang which saw combat during World War II.

The special Mustang hits the auction block during the 2019 AirVenture show in Wisconsin this week.

A custom Mustang GT, inspired by a P-51 Mustang fighter flown by triple ace Col. Bud Anderson of the U.S. Army Air Force, is about to hit the road. Ford and Roush Performance are behind this special Mustang GT, nicknamed “Old Crow.” The special Mustang was built to mark the 75th anniversary of the Allied invasion of Normandy. It’s just like Anderson’s P-51 Mustang (minus the six 50 cals): Good-looking, fast, and wonderfully overpowered.

One Crazy Ace

The “Old Crow” Mustang GT Takes Flight

“Old Crow” Mustang GT: Power & Performance Specs

In Person & How To Bid

One Crazy Ace

We better get this out of the way right now: Jack Roush is kinda nuts, especially when it comes to airplanes. He has had, what, two bad crashes, maybe three, as I recall. One of those should have killed him outright when he boomed into the middle of a lake, except one of the people living on the lake saw him and went out and rescued him. So, given Jack’s love of Fords, excessively powerful engines and planes (in that order), doing up a version of the latest Mustang, like a famous Mustang from World War II, makes complete sense.

Roush is also a longtime friend of Anderson’s.

The “Old Crow” Mustang GT Takes Flight

The one-of-a-kind Mustang (sadly, it will not even be a limited production model) will be auctioned at the Experimental Aircraft Association’s 2019 AirVenture show on Thursday July 25th in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. You do know about Oshkosh? Well, just in case you don’t, the one word answer is GO! You really have to check it out. It’s like Goodwood combined with Pebble Beach, combined with the vintage races at Laguna Seca, only for airplanes. They call it “The Gathering” and it’s the perfect venue for the “Old Crow” Mustang GT.

“This year’s design is especially fitting for the 75-year commemoration of D-Day and the special place we reserve for heroes like Col. Anderson and countless others who demonstrated unparalleled valor and sacrifice,” said Craig Metros, Ford Design Director. “It’s an annual highlight for many on the Ford design team to pay homage to our war heroes by creating a custom tribute vehicle to support the next generation of aviators.”

Auction proceeds benefit the Experimental Aircraft Association’s Aviation Foundation, which encourages younger and aspiring pilots.

The P-51 Mustang is a single seat, single engine fighter originally produced in 1940 by North American Aviation. The plane saw action in World War II and the Korean War, among other conflicts.

“Old Crow” Mustang GT: Power & Performance Specs

The “Old Crow” Mustang GT features a custom paint scheme and badging, replicating Col. Anderson’s iconic P-51 Mustang fighter plane. A Roush custom grille with a P-51 Mustang badge graces the front; the words “Old Crow” are painted on the hood, and a nice Eighth Air Force emblem adorns the decklid panel. Like the P-51 it emulates, the “Old Crow” Mustang GT is all about power and performance, thanks to a Ford and Roush Performance TVS R2650 supercharger. This helps to squeeze 710 horsepower and 610 lb-ft. of torque from the 5.0-liter V8 engine. There’s also a cold air induction system and X pipe from Roush Performance, plus a custom active exhaust system from Ford Performance.

The chassis gets a going over (thankfully) with Ford’s MagneRide damping system. All of that considerable horsepower and torque gets to the ground through a set of custom, 20-inch Roush wheels and 275/35R Continental ExtremeContact sport tires. In keeping with its namesake, aerodynamics were at the top of the list. There are Roush rear fascia aerofoils, a Ford Performance front racing spoiler; a rear spoiler from the 2020 Mustang Shelby GT500, slick custom heat extractors on the hood, and blue rainbow-tinted exhaust tips that emulate the P-51’s exhaust.

On the inside, “Old Crow” is far from the Spartan war machine of 70 plus years ago. It’s fully customized with an aircraft-inspired interior, featuring military-themed green leather and canvas along with a red shifter and door handles. “P-51” adorns the passenger-side dashboard. “Old Crow” even includes a Sparco four-point harness, as well as the nice performance touch of the aluminum rear seat-delete.

Col. Bud Anderson.

In Person & How To Bid

The “Old Crow” Mustang GT will be on display during the AirVenture show from now until the 18th. AirVenture attracts more than 600,000 aviation enthusiasts (e.g. propeller-heads) to Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh, Wisconsin every year. That’s more than Woodstock, more than The Indy 500. Like I said, it’s a big deal. Those who wish to bid on “Old Crow” can call 920-426-6573, or email: [email protected]

Also, in case you don’t know who Col. Bud Anderson is; he shot down more than 16 planes in Europe during World War II, flew 116 combat missions, including a six-hour mission on D-Day, was never hit by enemy fire (not even once) nor was he ever forced to withdraw from an aerial engagement. This added up to more than 25 decorations, including the Distinguished Flying Cross, Bronze Star, and Air Medal. Oh, and he was best friends with Chuck Yeager.

As a matter of fact, Mr. Right Stuff once described him as “the best pilot I ever saw.”

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Photos and photo sources: Experimental Aircraft Association, Ford Motor Company, Roush Performance.