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Mitsubishi Motors launches digital showroom

Mitsubishi vehicle online complete shopping
zhitanshiguang 17/08/2022 Hatchback 922
Before the pandemic, online shopping had flourished. Subsequently, the blockade measures came, and record-breaking Canadians began to purchase all goods online, including vehicle purchase options.Answ...

Before the pandemic, online shopping had flourished. Subsequently, the blockade measures came, and record-breaking Canadians began to purchase all goods online, including vehicle purchase options.

Answering the surge in demand for modern digital shopping tools, Mitsubishi has launched a new e-commerce platform on Mitsubishi-motors.ca.

“Mitsubishi Motors is leading with new seamless integration between the digital shopping journey and our dealers which, makes for a complete, engaging customer experience,” explained Steve Carter, director, marketing, Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada Inc.

Accelerating its online capabilities quickly to match buyers’ needs, Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada, Inc. (MMSCAN) moves virtually the entire buying journey online from browsing inventory, trade-in estimations, to credit applications. The resulting platform gives buyers and dealers a state-of-the-art opportunity.

Powered by MotoInsight’s e-commerce platform ClickShop, the new digital retail experience at Mitsubishi brings the vehicle selection process to life with extraordinary detail helping Canadians to determine the vehicle, trim level and features that are right for their needs. The experience goes even further allowing the customer to browse and save information on several alternative choices and to answer every question they might have. All this can be done at the shopper’s own pace, even over several sessions and enables communication direct to the dealer of choice throughout the process.

Mitsubishi Motors launches digital showroom

MMSCAN’s technology goes well beyond the cursory vehicle introduction by showing detailed complete transparent pricing information by specific vehicle as well as a new level of complete model-by-model equipment and feature explanation. Even the available inventory at each dealer location is included so customers can determine availability for the configuration and even colour they prefer.

The pre-purchase experience includes detailed information on accessories from a roof box to wheel locks with pictures, specifications and prices; extended warranties explained in depth. Best yet, as they explore, each increment is included in the buyer’s preferred purchase plan so there’s no surprise. A buyer can even get an estimate, subject to final inspection, of a trade-in and that value can be incorporated to reduce the final payments. Finally, the customer can complete a credit application then transmit their vehicle choice and info to the dealer they have selected. The system is transparent and easy to use.

Completely updated fleet

This dynamic online portal is a natural part of MMSCAN’s bold new transformation strategy which starts with a complete redesign of its vehicles including the all-new 2022 Outlander, its flagship, which is making an impact for its style and technical excellence.

“Mitsubishi Motors provides a full-functioning opportunity for browsers and buyers to drill deep into our all-new or refreshed product offering, exploring and understanding every detail at a comfortable pace from the safety of their own homes yet with an instant connection to their local dealer,” Carter continued.

The ClickShop platform has been custom developed by Motoinsight, a developer with a portfolio of owned and partnered automotive research and shopping websites, which includes experiences for brands like Consumer Reports, Globe Drive, Black Book, Unhaggle and others.

"This is not just a way to sell cars," Andrew said of Motoinsight CEO Tai. "What Mitsubishi Motors did in ClickShop was to integrate the entire sales process from research to pricing, to test drive and final purchase. They did this in a way that makes the lives of customers and dealers easier."